RPG Creations and Musings.

I’m back!

For a while I’d been spending most of my time on social media rather than here. But with the demise of Google+, I’ll be back, seeing this blog as a more stable platform for my RPG musings.

So what do I have planned?

  • Some posts about my new RPG, Liminal. It did rather well in Kickstarter, launching not just the main book in full colour, but a whole line of short supplements. I’ll talk about the process and the game here as well as on the Liminal webpage.
  • Thoughts and resources for longer term games I’m GMing. The big one here is The One Ring and an epic campaign inspired by the Darkening of Mirkwood.
  • An update of the list of other games I’ve been involved in writing, and a short post about each. There have been a few since I was last here.
  • Lots of links to friends and contacts with blogs of interest to me.
  • Other random thoughts…on being on podcasts, on conventions, on specific RPGs, on books.

I’m looking forward to it.

Comments on: "I’m back!" (2)

  1. Mitch Williams said:

    Bookmarked, I’ll drop by from time to time to see what’s shakin’

  2. Morning! I should blog more too…

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