RPG Creations and Musings.

My Games

I’m the author of:

  • Blood of the Gods, a mythological setting for the Wild Talents superhero RPG in Ancient Greece. I recently expanded this with a new “Argonauts” scenario, and some extra characters and background on the setting.
  • Age of Arthur (with Graham Spearing), a self-contained Fate-based RPG set in dark ages Britain after the end of Roman rule. We’ve also made Skein, the “Fate dark ages” rules behind Age of Arthur available for free download.
  • Time of the Wolves, a series of scenarios for Age of Arthur.
  • Tomb of the Necromancers, a Crypts and Things scenario.
  • Crucible of the Dragons (with Simon Bray), an OpenQuest 2 fantasy setting mixing the whimsical and the dark.
  • Starfall, the alien invasion of the Earth in 1952. A self-contained RPG powered by the Wordplay engine.
  • Hunters of Alexandria. Urban fantasy in Roman Alexandria. A self-contained RPG powered by a customised light version of Fate. Published by d101 games, with extra material by Newt Newport.
  • Out of the Furnace (with Gary Bowerbank). Two scenarios for Fate Core: Escape from Hellion X (pulp science fiction) and The god under the mountain (“gritty” fantasy). We produced this to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Furnace RPG Convention.
  • Far Havens (with Graham Spearing), a sourcebook for the Mindjammer RPG.
  • Mythic Britain: Logres. A sourcebook for Mythras: Mythic Britain.
  • Age of Anarchy, a game of lords and those in their service set in the civil war between King Stephen and Queen Matilda in feudal England.
  • Core Worlds (contributor), a sourcebook for Mindjammer.
  • Laughter of Dragons (contributor), a linked collection of adventures for The One Ring.
  • Liminal. A self-contained RPG about the boundaries between the everyday modern UK and the Hidden World of the supernatural.

Coming Soon:

  • Ninth Legion, a fantasy setting for the Reign RPG involving the descendants of the lost Ninth Legion of the Roman Empire.
  • Mythic Babylon, a mythical historical setting for Mythras.

I have further projects in the works, some of which I’ll write about here!

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