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Game Skeletons, Part One


Here’s a link for a “complete” RPG.


Why the quotation marks?

I tinker with things when I get an idea. Sometimes my tinkering goes far enough that I get a complete skeleton of a game or RPG setting. Sometimes those skeletons get enough flesh on their bones to become actual finished books, for me to share.

But this post isn’t about something finished. It’s about a skeleton- a game of demigods, inspired by both Greek and Norse myth, capable of wondrous things but inevitably doomed in the long run. It’s about heroes who are larger than life in what they can do and what happens to them.

And it’s complete as a skeleton. It’s mechanically playable. It just lacks flavour and examples and setting and in some cases full explanations. It needs editing. Any art there is scavenged classical paintings. You have been warned. It’s good enough for me to use though, and it might be good enough for you.

If you take a look, let me know if you like it. And definitely let me know if you actually use it. Who knows? I might even take it further at some point.

And this isn’t my only game skeleton, oh no. I’ll have more to show off in future posts.