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Historical Fantasy Patreon

As anyone who follows me on social media is probably aware by now, I’ve just started a Patreon to fund me writing historic fantasy RPG settings. The best way to think of it is as a “subscription” service for some of my writing in that field. The first setting will be a fantastic version of Alexandria, early in the Roman Empire.

Later on I intend to post my reflections on the Patreon, but for now I’m a bit shocked. Shocked in a good way- it reached the base goal of $100 per setting in less than 24 hours, and with a bit of luck will reach the $200 goal, where I add in Fate RPG mechanics for the settings.

I don’t know why the Patreon worked, but I’m very happy it has.

Here it is!

Things to come

Gosh, it’s been an age since my last blog entry. It’s time to rectify that with a quick post and a hope for more. I have many coming projects this year I want to write about.

Some of these are:

  • Time of the wolves. Time of the Wolves is a scenario supplement for Age of Arthur, the dark ages fantasy game I wrote with Graham Spearing. It involves the battles with the Angles in the Kingdom of Ebrauc.
  • Ninth Legion. A new campaign setting for Reign that features a lost imperial Roman Legion a hundred years after it vanished into a sprawling, fantastical Otherworld. Generations of their descendants have been born and died in New Rome, the colony that they forged. To the heirs of the Ninth Legion, Arcadia is the only world they know. Coming soon from Arc Dream.
  • Starfall. Starfall is a 1950s alien invasion setting with a hard rather than pulp science fiction gloss. It’s a setting for the Wordplay RPG, coming soon complete with a light version of the rules.
  • Non semper erit aestas. A scenario involving Roman legionaries by the Rhine, and supernatural goings on for the OpenQuest RPG. It is part of OpenQuest Adventures, coming soon from d101 games.
  • Empire of Ys. My standalone world-hopping vaguely old school fantasy game. Writing here is about 90% complete, and I will be saying more soon.

Then there’s work in progress that I’m not yet ready to talk about, but it’s pretty exciting!

So I’ve been writing even if I’ve not been writing here. I intend to change that soon!